About us

PhirePhly Massage and Bodywork

is a mobile massage therapy company serving the Northern Virginia / Washington DC Metropolitan area, offering various massage therapy services to the general public.


About Morgana


I’m Morgana Alexander, licensed massage therapist, and owner of PhirePhly Massage and Bodywork, based in Northern Virginia.

My journey into massage therapy wasn’t a traditional one.

In my 20s I relocated to Sacramento, CA from NYC, leaving behind a career in Real Estate. I didn’t really have a new direction for my life, but I had always been interested in health and sciences. My mother suggested massage therapy could be a good fit given my expressed desires and enthusiasm for anatomy.

I followed her hunch, and in August of 2008 I graduated top of my class from Western Career College (now Carrington College), with a certification in Massage Therapy.

After graduation I relocated to Northern Virginia and began working within a clinical spa. Over time, I expanded to working mobile spa for various hotel chains, providing chair massage for corporate events, working with athletes at sporting events, and even teaching future massage therapists.

My specialties are in injury rehabilitation, sports massage, and helping with chronic conditions. As a massage therapist, my role is not to “fix” any particular condition, but to help my clients in their ongoing journey to better health and wellness.

With 12 years of hands on experience as an LMT and 3 years as an instructor, I aim to create a customized approach to my client’s needs.

I often blend various massage techniques to provide the best session possible for my clients. Each session is different, but the goals are still the same

  • Promoting relaxation of tense muscles
  • Easing pain and discomfort caused by knots, adhesions, and general daily stress
  • Helping my clients achieve a better quality of life and understanding of their body

I aim to educate and empower my clients through pre and post session assessments, and specific self-care instructions tailored to their everyday activities, health, and lifestyle concerns.

While my clients may see me for various reasons, one of the most prominent is that they see results, not only immediately, but over time, which leads to an overall increased sense of wellbeing.

I welcome you to my practice and would be pleased to join and assist you in your health and wellness journey.

If you have any questions I am always happy to answer. Please feel free to email me at Morgana@PhirePhlyMassage.com and I will respond to you as soon as I can.